What we offer you

At Pro6 Repro, your packaging is our product. We aim to make your packaging exactly how you envisaged it, with an end result which is as clear and sharp as possible.  Quality, attention to detail and unrivalled service come as standard. Our range of services and products are entirely geared to your wishes. Also you have within our team, your own contact person so that the communication always runs smoothly and efficiently.



Besides the prepress process we can also take care of your design requirements. Being involved at such an early stage means we can establish a keener understanding of your exact needs. This dedicated creative support enables us to get the best out of your packaging. Most of our customers work with external design agencies that are less specialized in Dry Offset and Flexo printing techniques. Pro6 Repro can review their designs at an early stage and if necessary give them the appropriate advice to achieve the highest quality possible.


Prepress for Dry Offset and Flexo printing

Image processing in Dry Offset and Flexo goes much further than in conventional Offset. Thanks to many years of experience and a complete digital workflow, we can provide unlimited possibilities to manipulate artwork in order to create as sharp and clear an image as possible. We guarantee that our final product matches up to the highest standards.



Besides our creative and consulting service, Pro6 Repro also offers technical support. We supervise the printing process, provide guidance, advice and training at the press. On request, we will be present during the first print trial. We can also advise you with the purchase of your printing machine. In short, a full service!




Colour proof

After we have prepared the artwork, we will send you a digital colour proof for your approval in pdf format. When final approval of the design has been given, we provide a screened colour proof along with the printing plates. This colour proof simulates the final print target. Our colour proofs have the maximum achievable Pantone simulation.




Pro6 Repro also still produces conventional films. For the production of these films we use the most advanced generation of CTF systems. These films in combination with our screening techniques will deliver the highest quality possible in conventional plate-making.



Pro6 Repro uses the most advanced equipment to cover all different type of plate-making processes. This way we can produce our printing plates in the quality our customer desires.


Laser engraved printing plates

To produce our plates, we use the latest and most advanced techniques in the field of plate-making.  The quality of laser-engraved plates has set a new standard in the Dry Offset and Flexo industry. Today, high quality images can be so effortlessly printed with laser-engraved plates that over the last few years, laser-engraving has successfully competed with the quality of in-mould labeling. Also the costs involved are several times lower than those associated with in-mould labeling. So the choice is a very easy one to make.


CTP UV-laser exposed printing plates

Pro6 Repro has recently invested in a new CTP system from Luscher. This machine makes use of a new technology called X!Direct. This special developped software makes it possible to directly expose the plates with the help of a UV-laser. The main benefits of UV direct imaging for Dry Offset and Flexo applications is the elimination of the masking technology and its associated costs, process steps and difficulties such as contamination of wash out chemicals. Purpose of the software X!Direct,
 UV laser light is highly collimated, penetrating straight and deeply into polymer materials to crosslink them directly. This leads to sharp deep shoulders and open reverses for relief printing forms. For small positive elements such as fine lines, text and highlights, there is however the need to support these with optimal shoulders and this is the main purpose of the software development. This is the only CTP system in the world using this new state of the art technology.

Pro6 Repro is proud to be the first in the world to use this new technology and present its customers with the highest quality possible in CTP UV-laser exposed plate-making.


Conventional printing plates

Besides laser engraving and our new CTP system, we still use our conventional procedures, which involves exposing the plates via film. By using our own special exposing technique, we are able to produce a very sharp image on the plates. This way we can guarantee the highest quality possible using conventional plate-making.


If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.