Presentation Pro6 at Open Days of Polytype Fribourg

At the end of September, Pro6 Repro was present at the Open Days of Polytype SA in Fribourg (Switzerland). Over 100 companies from all over the world visited these Open Days to learn about Polytype’s innovations,

Both Pro6 Repro and Wifac were present to promote their pre-press and printing supplies.

During these Open Days Pro6 Repro demonstrated what they are capable of, using a.o. an attractive 3D animation of a cup, tube, digital cup and aerosol.

Supported with print samples, clichés samples, and digital files we had a lot of interesting discussions with (potential) customers. The visitors were really surprised by the print possibilities of Dry-offset.

The step-by-step explanation, combined with the experience of the Pro6 Repro team, immediately convinced several potential customers to carry out a test with the Pro6 Repro clichés.

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