Innovative investment, the digital solution

4 months ago, the first digital machine for cliché production was installed at Pro6 Repro.
Until then we could deliver films combined with analogue plates, together with the high quality Direct Laser Engraved clichés. Two perfect solutions that fit the market.

To be able to innovate in all aspects, the Lüscher XPose!230 was the best option for the process in between film and engraving. With this Computer to Plate (CtP) system, we can realize a higher print quality with less dot gain, in comparison to film.

With the integrated black mask system (the black layer on top of the cliché) we prevent additional air or pollution coming on top of the cliché before imaging .

At the same cost of the film process we can offer you with this process:

  • a more stable dot, with the right shape, with less dot gain
  • a longer lifetime of the cliché
  • a more stable production process

In order to convince yourself, please contact us for further information and/or trails.

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