A brief (re-)introduction of our professional pre-press company

With over 25 years of experience, Pro6 Repro is a leading and innovative pre-press company active in mainly the letterpress market, but also in the screen printing market.

Letterpress includes Flexo for flexible or cardboard packaging in mixed colours or full colour. It also includes Dry-offset for the one piece aerosols, two piece cans, aluminium and plastic tubes and plastic cup printing.

We are talking about a full all-inclusive concept, starting from the design of a print up to a mock-up or 3D animation which can be presented to your customers. With the high quality of colour separation that is used, you can be sure to receive the best and most stable fundament for printing.

In order to meet all the different market expectations, we can offer three different output solutions for cliché production:

  • Traditional film combined with analogue clichés
  • High innovative computer-to-plate solution with “ black-mask” clichés
  • Highest possible quality with the Direct Laser Engraving technology

All above mentioned solutions incorporate the highest quality within their technical possibilities.

Combined with the innovative registering solutions and the “tot gain reduction tool” that are developed by Pro6 Repro, you can offer your customers the best possible results.

That’s why Pro6 Repro uses their slogan "image is everything":

  • The image of your company,
  • The image of your production process,
  • The image of the final print,
  • The image of the whole concept.

Pro6 Repro represents your image.

For further info, contact us via info@pro6repro.com

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